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Xclaim! offers a variety of programs to encourage youth creativity and provide opportunities for their artistic expression.  Programs reach a variety of ages 4-18 and are open to anyone, although Xclaim! Performance Academy students get special discounts and preference for production casting!
Xclaim! proudly offers multi-children discounts as well as full and partial need-based & merit-awarded scholarships for youth to participate in Xclaim! Programs.  For more information about how you can SPONSOR A CHILD, or to inquire about applying for financial aid, Contact Xclaim!
 Xclaim! Community Recognition Program - The Tommy Awards
    Xclaim, Inc. is dedicated to recognizing noteworthy artistic achievements and contributions by youth performance artists and their mentors in the South Central Kentucky region.  The Community Recognition Program is designed and managed by a volunteer committee.  Click if you are interested in more information or would like to join the Xclaim! Recognition Committee.
If you know a young performance artist OR youth arts mentor who has made an outstanding contribution or achievement and would like to nominate that individual for an Xclaim! Recognition Award, Contact Xclaim!
We will periodically feature local youth performance artists and mentors here on our website!


Xclaim, Inc. proudly recognizes TOM CARLYLE
as the first recipient of an Xclaim! Recognition Award!

In honor of his long-standing dedication and commitment to youth in performing arts in Bowling Green, KY and in recognition of his steadfast volunteerism and mentorship through MANY community youth arts programs and organizations, Xclaim! will call all future recognition awards
Xclaim! Tommy Awards!

The FIFTH annual Xclaim! Tommy Awards banquet will be
Tuesday, May 30 at 6:30pm at First Christian Church!  RSVP for dinner by Friday, May 25.

Thanks to our sponsor, Independence Bank, we will present more than
200 awards and certificates honoring local youth artists and mentors in our community!

To nominate a youth artist or arts mentor for an Xclaim! Tommy Award, Contact Xclaim!
 Xclaim! Plays, Music Recitals & Musical Theatre Productions
    Xclaim! will periodically produce shows with both educational and artistic merit for the general public.  Productions will include plays, musicals, music recitals & concerts featuring youth performers.  Whenever possible, youth will also fill leadership and artistic roles.  Xclaim! values the artistic works of youth but is dedicated to making ticket prices affordable for families.  Students who are registered in the Xclaim! Performance Academy get preferential casting in Xclaim! productions (if casting is between a current Xclaim! student and a non-student, the Xclaimer! will get the role).
Check back here to reserve an audition slot for future productions!
Auditions September 27 - October 14
Charles Dickens' classic Christmas tale gets the fractured fairy-tale treatment!  This witty adaptation fully tells the story of Scrooge and his fateful Christmas Eve when he is visited by four ghosts  his greedy old business partner and the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future.  With each character in the story played by a famous fairy-tale character, this delightfully "punny" tale is full of laughs, music, and unexpected surprises!
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The master of the macabre brings us a delightful script with six of Poe's most
acclaimed works in one show!  Join the delight as our cast brings fright after fright
in this exciting dramatization of these classic literary works!

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Join Princess Pocahontas in her courageous journey to bring peace.  True to the original legend and filled with Native American folklore, this enchanting musical will sweep audiences away with its beautiful score, colorful characters and uplifting story.

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Online Audition Reservation for
The Tales of Edgar Allen Poe and
Pocahontas the Musical

Complete all fields in this online reservation form,
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 Production  Select which show for which you are auditioning:
(Note:  It is possible to be in both shows if you have no other extra-curricular activities.  However, there will be a significant overlap for rehearsals.)

   The Tales of Edgar Allen Poe
   Pocahontas the Musical
 Audition Slots  Select one time slot for one day for your audition
  Sunday POE: Nov. 26 at 5:00p-6:30p

  Saturday POE: Dec. 2 at 11:00a-12:00p

  Saturday POE: Dec. 9 at 11:30a-12:30p

Pocahontas: Dec. 9 at 11:30a-12:30p


Poe: Dec. 9 at 12:30p-1:30p

Pocahontas: Dec. 9 at 12:30p-1:30p

 Monday  Pocahontas: Dec. 11 at 5:00p-6:00p


Pocahontas: Dec. 11 at 6:00p-7:00p
 Wednesday  Pocahontas: Dec. 13 at 5:00p-6:00p


Pocahontas: Dec. 13 at 6:00p-7:00p
   Please prepare for your audition!
 Scroll up to see the Audition Packet with details to prepare.

  If you are not able to attend one of these time slots, leave
a comment and we will contact you to arrange an audition!
Thanks and "Break-a-Leg!"

 Xclaim! Performance Workshops
    Xclaim! will produce periodic workshops to explore specific performance arts and skills through a variety of focused one or two-day events.  Ages and costs vary by workshop content and length and shall have open enrollment for registration.
                *Xclaim! Performance Academy students receive a 20% discount on
                  Xclaim! Performance Workshop registration!

 Xclaim! Performance Camps
    Xclaim! will produce a variety of Fall, Spring and Summer Break camps to explore performance concepts and skills with activities, workshops and rehearsals.  Camps will be divided by age and/or performance areas, such as acting and musical theatre.  All camps culminate in public performances for families and guests.  Costs vary by camp type and length and have open enrollment for registration.
                *Xclaim! Performance Academy students receive a $25 discount on
                  Xclaim! Performance Camp registration!
 Xclaim! Private Performance Instruction
    Xclaim! offers a variety of private instruction in performance arts.  Costs vary by need and circumstances.
*Xclaim! Performance Academy students receive a 25% discount on
                  Xclaim! Private Performance Instruction!
  • Audition Preparation: school productions, Governor's School for the Arts, college admissions, other programs or events
  • Coaching: plays, musicals, events and performance competitions
  • Tutoring: performance for individuals or small groups

        Contact Xclaim! for more information or to schedule Private Instruction.

Xclaim! Performance Arts Educational Supplements for Schools
    Xclaim! offers a variety of performance programs and educational supplements for schools.  Click here, visit the Troupes, Tours & Schools tab or Contact Xclaim! for more information.
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