Unique Performances for Youth
Executive Director: Christopher H. Cherry


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Be an Xclaim! Volunteer
    Xclaim! is a family-friendly program which provides positive youth development.  Parent involvement is strongly encouraged for better programs & enrichment for the entire family!  Please let us know how you wish to help.
To contact Xclaim! Executive Director or Board, please complete and submit the Xclaim! Contact Form below.
        *The Xclaim! website and email account are maintained by staff and volunteers.  Your privacy is our policy!  We do not sell or share information.

 Opportunties to Volunteer

  • Chaperones
  • Administrative & Clerical Support
  • Technical & Production Assistance
  • Membership on an Xclaim! Standing Committee
  • Have other ideas?  Tell us!  Complete and submit the Xclaim! Contact Form on this page!

Xclaim! Standing Committees
 Fundraising/Public Relations Committee
        This committee is charged with and empowered to find sponsors and raise funds for Xclaim! programs & expenses.
 Recognition Committee
        This committee is charged with and empowered to maintain the Xclaim! Tommy Awards Program to recognize outstanding local contributions & achievements of individual youth performing artists and their mentors.

Xclaim! Contact Form

Thanks for your interest in Xclaim!  We are excited to provide you more information about our youth performance opportunities, and we welcome your comments about our programs and website.  Please enter your contact information and any questions or comments you may have in the appropriate fields.  A representative of Xclaim! will reply to you as soon as possible.  Thanks again, and welcome to Xclaim!

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Sponsor an Xclaim! Program
    If you would like to sponsor Xclaim! or one of its programs or events, please complete and submit an Xclaim! Contact Form on this page!

Xclaim! Sponsors

Donate to Xclaim!
    If would like to donate funds, goods or services to Xclaim!, please complete and submit an Xclaim! Contact Form on this page!

Xclaim! Donors
  • Brenda Armstrong
  • Stephanie Britt
  • Jennifer Fendel
  • Joan Miller
  • Matthew & Kelli Murphy
Executive Director
        Christopher H. Cherry
            *Click to see Christopher's bio.
Board of Directors
        Stephanie Britt, President
        Jennifer Fendel, Vice-President
        Joan D. Miller, Secretary-Treasurer

Xclaim, Inc.
is a non-profit organization.  Your tax-deductible, charitable donations
are welcomed and encouraged!  Thank you for showing your appreciation
for youth performance artists by supporting Xclaim!

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